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Shoes make the real punk fashion

Punk is definitely linked with a special “dress code” – narrow torn jeans, colourful punk T-shirts with provocative pictures and signs, leather or jeans jackets and lots of accessories. The most popular are chains, padlocks, buttons and patches, safety pins. And yes – the original breathtaking hairdo! Mohawk, spikes, dishevelled one wishes, but always colourfully.

However all of that can’t work without high quality, original punk shoes. Which ones to chose? High leather or linen shoes? It’s up to you! Leather shoes are great for its overwhelming quality, originality, long life and "neutrality" - that means they go well with every clothes you put on. 

The most popular leather shoes are the unique pieces of following brands: KMM, STEEL, NEW ROCK or DEMONIA. Not only punks wear this shoes but also rock, metal and goth fans. 

KMM brand is a brand with sort of Czech touch - its shoes production has its origins in former Bata’s factory and the very beginning also dates back to 30’s of the last century – that’s when those shoes were produced as so called work shoes. After the war and some little modification they have become very popular with young people, even more when available in a wider variety of colours. The abbreviation KMM comes from Czech “Klub mladé módy” (Young Fashion Club). The design is very distinctive - triple seams, steel toe cup, screws in sole, 100% beef skin. There’s one word which sums up the best KMM shoes – immortality. We mean especially the quality which is everlasting and also the popularity among its users.

STEEL shoes from Great Britain are a bit the same story - they are produced from high quality leather, with a steel toe cup in seven colour versions. Among the famous Czech musicians who wear STEEL shoes you could find for example Aleš Brichta, members of Horkýže Slíže band, Arakain, Motorband, Bára Zemanová and lots of others.

Another good choice are NEW ROCK or DEMONIA shoes which focus especially on punk and goth and style. NEW ROCK shoes are being sold in more than 70 countries in the world. It gained lots of funs among the greatest rock music stars (Metallica, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir etc.) thanks to its quality and original look. The shoes are sold together with an antibacterial pad which easily adopts its shape to every foot. Besides there’s lot of air bubbles in the sole which provide long-standing use. NEW ROCK shoes will get everybody with the very precise design of all details.

During the warmer days everybody surely goes for linen shoes or street shoes, which provide comfort and breathability thanks to the materials and cut used. Linen shoes are light weight, they are available in a wide variety of colours with different patterns and they are available for affordable prices. Brands as Converse, Draven or Iron Fist belong to the most popular ones. There´s no doubt that for the summer season sandals are the best choice! You can choose from your favourite brands from lots of colours and patterns.

Just choose yours... :)



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