10th DIY fest

Punks, look out!

Near the hill held tenth year of DIY fest, where he again performed by a number of good bands.

From the 17th to 19 August 2012 in the lodge area for lime kilns in the Vendryně Třinec you have something to look forward.

The whole two days will not be room following bands:


TRASHEARTH - trash metal Ostrava

STERN - punk country Rožnov Radhoštěm

Agent - hard core grind boundary in Moravia

BLISS 19 - rock boundary in Moravia

TERROR FIRMER - Alcoa grind

SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - grindcore Italy

Tartar: s - hardcore Krnov

ANOTHER CHANCE - ska-punk Bruntál


Ground BONES - fucking hardcore Ostrava

KAUFLANT - alternative Kopřivnice

His brother WEDDING - punk rock Frydek-Mistek

BLACK AND BLUE - punk-core Frydek Mistek

GREEDHALE (ex DEVASTATHOR) - crust / grind Czech Cieszyn

RASTA Führer - raggae-ska Jihlava

HIROSHIMA NIGHTMARE - Czech Budejovice crust

Aphony violence-power Russia

KPP-oi Poland

ARGIES - punk rock, ska Argentina

DURCHUMDURCH - psychedelic / punk Prostejov

MOTOR ass - punk country Czech Budejovice

PISSKIT - stoner rock 'n' roll Slovakia

Cleanse the glade, pull up your torn jeans, customize mohawk and go to the tenth annual DIY festival. The event starts on Friday at 15 hours. Do Zagorka and come!

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