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★ » Decoration » figurines » decoration (head gear lever) LETHAL THREAT - Girl Skull Shift Knob - SK00022

decoration (head gear lever) LETHAL THREAT - Girl Skull Shift Knob - SK00022

Decoration shift knob

- This stylish decoration is at the bottom equipped with a metal socket into which you can insert one of four packed rubber inserts and thus prepared decorations can be easily deployed on a metal rod which is np. end of the gear lever in the motorcycle, or on a metal rod, which is part of the motorcycle and others.

After the sides of the metal sleeves are perfect and tight connection decoration with three metal rod clamping screws - this is a really strong connection, decoration spontaneously released.

Package includes:

  1. Decoration (skull)
  2. four rubber pads used to firmly attach the metal rod (inner diameter rubber inserts are 1.1 cm, 1 cm, 0.9 cm, and 0.7 cm).
  3. Spare tightening the screws
  4. wrench to tighten the screws

Made of hand-painted, high-quality resin, very precise detail and design, metal sleeve.

Dimensions approx .: skull-width 6.2 cm, height 8.5 cm, 6.2 cm-depth.

Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

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