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★ » Other merchandise » cosmetics » color to hair (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach Kit 30

color to hair (lightener) DIRECTIONS - Bleach Kit 30

hair color - lightener.

If you have more hair longer than shoulder length, it is possible that you need more than one package.

Package Contents:

1x generator 30vol peroxide 75 ml (9%) - Peroxide Cream

1 sachet of powder bleach 25 g - POWDER BLEACH

1 bag hydrating shampoo 10 ml - MOISTURISING SHAMPOO

1x plastic gloves size "M"

1 mixing tray

1x Application Brush

1 Instructions for use in Czech language

We recommend you prepare prior to application of these things (can be useful) old towels, grease, plastic cheeks to mixing paints, cleaning wipes.


Colors have never been tested on animals.

Approx. delivery date: shipping in 24h

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