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★ » Shoes » leather boots » high heels women's - NEW ROCK - M.PUNK001-C1

high heels women's - NEW ROCK - M.PUNK001-C1

NEW ROCK is one of the world's best companies producing shoes.

NEW ROCK products are sold in 65 countries worldwide. Product quality and what is important - unrepeatable designs - the company has NEW ROCK won fans among the biggest stars of rock music and show business. Zn. NEW ROCK bet primarily on nature - it is completely out of footwear, leather, metal and rubber. These shoes are used special technology that ensures absolute comfort in its use. For each pair of boots NEW ROCK is antibacterial liner except that it has antiseptic properties, is still perfectly natvaruje to each foot. The sole is the amount of air chambers that provide many years of using these shoes. NEW ROCK boots are very well made, has lots of detail and is very good indeed.

NOTICE: This shoe send only after payment to our bank account when paying via E-account or by credit card.

Manufacturer: NEW ROCK, Spain.

Approx. delivery date: 14 days

14 days

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