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bunda pánská zimní SURPLUS - REGIMENT 65 - OLIV - 20-2501-91

The classic fabric military jacket BRANDIT wih lining, model M65.

Jacket can be used all year round! In summer without a thermal lining and in winter with it.

The cut of this jacket was an integral part of the US Army field uniform.

Color: olive.


  • Closure of the jacket is made of high quality zipper, the zipper is covered by a hem for the hobnails.
  • There are four big pockets covered with a hem for the hobnails.
  • The jacket has a cloth hood that simply hides inside the neck collar.
  • The jacket can be tightened by laces in the waist.
  • The texture is also at the bottom of the jacket - it simply prevents from flowing cold air under the jacket.
  • The internal thermal lining is attached to the rest of the jacket with a zipper - this thermal lining can be simply removed and the top of the jacket can be worn separately.

Composition : top material: 100% cotton, thermal lining: 100% polyester.

Approx. dimensions in centimeters cca: (GIRTH is 2x width)

width (measured across the armpit) length of the front part
sleeves length
74 81 55
75 82 56
76 83 57

: shipping in 24h

shipping in 24h

or $128,75
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